The waterfall With Two Names – Todorono / Todoroki Falls

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Sometimes it’s known as Todorono Falls, and other times it’s Todoroki Falls. Either way, this is another beautiful waterfall on Okinawa Island that you should add to your Japanese itinerary.

To respect both names of the waterfall I will be using its two names interchangeably throughout this article.

Not to be confused with the waterfalls with the Todoroki name located in Fukuoka, this one is in Okinawa. It’s a tall and narrow stream that falls from a monolith cliff and flows down a river through the local park.

The falls have been a popular tourist attraction for a few years and are an easy place to visit when heading to the north or the south of the island from Nago.

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The car park near Todorono Falls

Location of Todoroki / Todorono Falls

Location: 594 Sukuta, Nago, Okinawa 905-0023, Japan

Like most of the waterfalls in Okinawa, the best way to reach Todorono Falls is to drive yourself. This is because some of the roads are narrow and gravel surface roads. Not to mention that you can have so much more flexibility in your plans when you have access to a car. Plus, it is not easy to get public transportation around the island.

Arriving by Car

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You’ll find lots of parking near the entrance of Todoroki Falls Park. There is a group of parking spaces right by the public restrooms and the entry booth, and there is also a separate row of spaces opposite the car park next to a smaller building.

a flat concrete path near Tonoroki Falls

Arriving by Public Transport

If you are not able to rent a car, then you do have the option to take public transportation. The closest city is Nago. However, because the waterfall is hidden away in the hills, if you took a bus you would still need to walk 15 minutes from the bus stop to the falls.

From Nago:

  • Get on the #120 bus towards Onishi at Hokubu Godo Chosha Mae bus stop
  • Ride the bus for 9 minutes which is approximately 8 stops
  • Get off at Sukuta bus stop
  • Walk 14 minutes from the bus stop to the Todorono Falls park

If you are travelling from somewhere in the south (ie Kadena or Chatan) you can take this route instead:

From Chatan:

  • Get on the #120 bus towards Ihei at Kuwae bus stop
  • Ride the bus for 1 hour and 52 minutes which is roughly 52 stops
  • Get off at Sukuta bus stop
  • Walk 14 minutes from the bus stop to the Todorono Falls park

The river flowing away from Todonoro Falls

What to Expect at Todorono Falls in Okinawa

After parking your car you’ll need to head over to the entrance to purchase your ticket for entry. There are clear signs and a small rope fence guiding the way so you can’t miss it.

After leaving the entryway you will walk down a flat concrete path and a large sign with pictures of the towering falls. Unfortunately, this sign is not in English, so if you do wish to read it and learn more about the area, you will need to use an app that translates Japanese such as Google Translate in order to do so.

After a few minutes of walking down the path, you will reach a small stone staircase down to a river. You’ll find stepping stones and easy access to the grassy bank on the other side.

This is the part of the river where people play and cool off. It’s nice and shallow so it’s safe for families, but you should always make sure to stay alert if any children are near the water.

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A sign showing Tonoroki Falls at Todorono Falls park

The shelters

If you follow the river to the right from the staircase you’ll see the towering falls cascading down from the cliff above.

For the best views of the falls, you can take advantage of the 3 wooden shelters scattered throughout the park. Each one is complete with a roof and benches so you can admire the landscape – even if the weather isn’t on your side.

Plus, if the weather is hot and humid like Okinawa tends to be, the shade can be a welcome benefit too. It’s great to have somewhere to sit and relax while hearing the sounds of the rushing water overhead.

Note: There are accessibility ramps into each of the shelters so more people can enjoy them.

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a wooden shelter in an Okinawa Park

What to bring with you to Tonoroki Falls

  • Cash for your entry fee
  • A bag for your belongings
  • Water shoes for the river
  • Drinking water
  • Sunscreen
  • Snacks or things to eat if you’re staying for a while
Todoroki / Todorono falls falling down from the monolith cliff

Opening Times & Entry Cost of Todoroki Falls

Unlike some other waterfalls that change their closing times depending on the season, (Hiji Falls), Todorono /Todoroki Falls has the same opening and closing times year-round.

The park to see the waterfall opens at 9 am every morning.

The park closes at 6 pm every evening.

Ticket Entry Cost

In order to enter the park you will need to purchase a ticket at the entrance. In the window of the small cabin, you will see a small ticket vending machine where you can input your coins. Find the appropriate button to press and you will receive a small ticket receipt.

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Have you been to Todorono Falls yet? What did you think?

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