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Hey! I’m Michelle.

Born and raised in London before moving to a smaller town, I just grew tired of only getting 4 days of sunshine a year. The UK just wasn’t as exciting for me and I knew I wanted to see what else was out there.

So in 2015, I saved up, packed my bags and took off on a one way flight to South East Asia and Australia.

What should have been a 1 year trip has turned into 9 years of backpacking around the world and with no plans of stopping! Now, after turning my travel experience into a full time career that allows me to continue doing what I love the most, I want to inspire and help others to get out there too.

  • Photo taken: Mexico
  • Favourite place to date: Norway
  • Currently Located: Okinawa, Japan
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To Inspire And
Get You Motivated!‚Äč

I found that the best way to travel long term is by getting work visas in various countries and using the income you make to supplement the rest of your travels. This method has allowed me to visit 30 countries including living and working in 6 of them since 2015 and visit . When I started my travel journey I had no idea I would still be on the road almost a decade later but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Now, using both my professional experience as an ex-travel agent and my personal experience of travelling for so many years, I’m here to help you get moving.

Let me help you prepare and plan your dream gap year away from home.

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