Cheonjiyeon Waterfall: One of Jeju’s natural attractions

Another popular waterfall tourists flock to on Jeju Island is the incredible Cheonjiyeon Falls. It stands at a height of 22 m (72.1 feet) and is 12 m wide with multiple streams trickling down the rocky cliffs into a 20 m deep pool underneath.

The name “Cheonjiyeon” translates to “the sky connected to the land” and it suits the towering waterfall perfectly. It’s surrounded by forest and found inside a nature preserve for both plants and wildlife. Not to mention that it’s one of the top attractions to see in the Seogwipo area of Jeju Island.

Out of all the waterfalls found on the island, the Cheonjuyeon Waterfall is rated in the top 3 and is the perfect addition to any Jeju Island itinerary. It’s only a 6-minute drive from Jeongbang Falls and an 8-minute drive from Sojeongbang Falls.

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Country:South Korea (Republic of Korea)
Currency:South Korean Won / KRW
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white painted ticket booth at cheonjiyeong falls
The ticket counters at the entrance to the park

How to get to Cheonjiyeon Waterfall

Location: 667-7 Cheonji-dong Seogwipo-si Jeju-do ( 제주 서귀포시 천지동 )

On the map, it looks as though you can reach the falls through Chilsipnisi Park, however, that is not the case. The park is at a high elevation, whereas the entrance to the falls is at a much lower elevation at the bottom of the hill.

Arriving by car

The Cheonjiyeon Waterfall is located on the southern coast of Jeju Island and is best reached by car. If you qualify for a car rental (more on this in another post) you can easily find your way and the journey will take roughly 1 hour to complete.

Need to rent a car? You can do so using this link.

Arriving by bus

Assuming you fly into Jeju Airport, you can travel to Cheonjiyeon Waterfall by bus. In total, the journey will take nearly 2 hours to complete so please factor this into your itinerary.

  • From outside Jeju Airport, take the 182 Express Bus from stop 제주국제공항5 (평화로,800번 ) for 10 stops which will take roughly 1 hour and 10 minutes.
  • Get off at stop 제주월드컵경기장서귀포버스터이널(낭)
  • From the Jeju World Cup Stadium bus stop, take the 600 Bus for 3 stops which will take 15 minutes.
  • Get off at stop 색기정공원(서)
  • Walk 11 minutes to the Cheonjiyeon Falls

If you decide to take the public transit route, make sure you have your T Money card!

Stone statues in a line at the entrance of the Cheonjiyeon waterfall
Statues along the path to the falls
A small waterfall on a river in a nature reserve
A smaller waterfall along the river near the Cheonjiyeon Falls
a stone bridge across a river in a nature reserve
The bridge between the entrance and exit of the falls park

Cheonjiyeon Falls: What to Expect

The forest walk

After purchasing your tickets, you will find yourself inside a park surrounded by trees and what seems like tropical plants. You will cross a small bridge that goes over the river that runs the entire length of the park and joins the pool beneath Cheonjiyeon Falls.

The walk to the waterfall takes between 10 and 15 minutes and will be inside the small forest trail the entire time. It’s a flat trail with no obstacles so it is easily accessible by people of all fitness levels. Pushchairs and wheelchairs can also get to the main viewing point which is great considering most of the other waterfalls in Jeju Island are not as easily accessible.

The Waterfall

At the end of the trail, you will come to a large opening in the trees and a stone viewpoint to the left of a deep pool. At the far end of the pool, you will see the cascading Cheonjiyeon Waterfall you came all this way to see.

You can’t miss it and will likely see a lot of people in the area waiting to snap their own photos with the waterfall in the background.

Due to where the waterfall is located, there are only a few places you can take a good picture of the fall in full view. Some of the trees in the forest restrict the view. However, there is a small circular staircase and some rocks that stick out into the pond just enough that when standing on them you get the perfect shot of the waterfall.

These rocks do not have a fence around them, and they can be extremely slippery when wet so please use caution when standing on them.

stone walkway with trees and plants on either side of the path
The forest trail on the way to the falls

Cheonjiyeon Falls Entrance Cost

You do not need to purchase tickets in advance unless you visit the Cheonjiyeon Falls as part of a group tour. You can easily purchase tickets on the day you arrive.

You will find a large parking area with a convenience store and a few other small buildings. If you follow those buildings to the right, you will see a small ticket office with electronic machines where you can purchase each member of your party a ticket with a card.

If you need to pay using cash, you can go a little further around the corner to the ticket counter in the window where the ticket agent will be able to assist you. After walking for a few minutes you will be able to show the next ticket agent your purchased ticket before entering the park.

Ticket TypeTicket Cost
Adult2,000 won / £1.20
Teenagers (under 24)1,000 won / £0.60p
a tall stone with korean writing on it in front of a waterfall
The waterfall stone

Cheonjiyeon Waterfall Opening Hours

Opening hours for the Cheonjiyeon Waterfall are between 9 am and 10 pm each day.

The last time to purchase a ticket is at 9.20 pm so make sure to get your tickets as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

The average length of time visitors spend at the park is 45 minutes to 1 hour so please consider this when you arrive to make sure you’ll have enough time to see all you’d like to see before the park closes.

me standing in a brown dress in front of Cheonjiyeon falls
Me standing in front of the falls

Where to Stay near the Cheonjiyeon Falls

The best place to stay is in Seogwipo when trying to visit the Cheonjiyeon waterfall as that is where the falls are found. Depending on your travel style there are a few different options with regard to accommodation in the area.

My go-to travel option is staying in hostels as they are an affordable and sociable option that can connect you with other like-minded travellers. This is a great choice if you are travelling solo! You can have a look at various hostels in the area on HostelWorld below:

If hostels are not your style of accommodation and you’d rather stay in a hotel, Booking.com is my top choice for finding hotels. They have the largest range of properties for you to choose from and are well-known around the world.

a stepping stone bridge across the blue river in Cheonjiyeon falls park
The stepping stone bridge on the way back to the park exit

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