Travel Resources

This is not a sponsored post. These are the websites and companies I use and recommend for my travels. Some of these links are affiliate links and, at no cost to you, I may earn a small commission that helps run this website — keeping it free for all to use!

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As you will know from reading my site, work visas are normally acquired through each country’s government or immigration service.

If you are instead after a tourist visa, you can get them from the site I use myself –



When I am looking for flights and itineraries. I always check a comparison site like SkyScanner first. They have an easy-to-use site that shows you multiple flight paths, and airlines around the world.


Even though SkyScanner is worth looking at to get an idea of times, I will always book the actual flight directly with the airlines. Of course, I can’t list every airline here but here is a directory for you to find them all.


Another comparison website, Kayak is a great site to look at when comparing flight times and itineraries. Not only flights, but they also have the chance to book holiday packages as well as car rentals.




Although I only stay in hotels if I am travelling with another person, when I do I often use They have the largest collection of properties worldwide.



Most of the time when I am travelling solo I choose to stay in hostels. Hostelworld is my go-to when looking for a sociable and affordable place to stay.


WISE (Transferwise)

If you are moving abroad for a work visa or long term travels, you should consider using Wise for your international money transfers and travel bank card. They also have a great app!

Travel Insurance


Alpha Travel is one of my favourite brands due to their friendly customer service team. I had a few injuries on one of my trips and they helped me make a claim quickly and easily.


I found that this True Traveller was a great choice for coverage when heading to Canada on the IEC visa. They’re one of the only insurer’s that will allow policies up to 2 years.


One thing I like about World Nomads is they have insurance plans for people of different nationalities. So not only have I used them on trips, but my friends have too!

We have some exciting things coming soon. Watch this space!



This site has a wide collection of volunteer opportunities in almost every country around the world. These volunteer opportunities cover everything from tutoring, DIY help, farmstays and skill exchanges.


Work Away is one of my favourite platforms for volunteering worldwide. They have multiple types of placements for new volunteers including hostels, farmstay, language exchange and more.


This is one of the oldest volunteer programs for traveller’s and they have a reputation for focusing on farmstays and horticultural work mostly rather than a mixture like the other two platforms.

Tours & Activities


This is one of two brands I always check for tour, trips and activities in destination. Anything from tickets, transfers, events and local things to do. Have a big collection but are normally only in the large cities


Another brand I always check for activities within my chosen destinations. Viator, is a great brand for finding things to do in major cities and is more likely to have activities in small, lesser known destinations too.