Seven Falls of Kijoka Waterfall: A Spiritual Prayer Site in Okinawa

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The Seven Falls of Kijoka is one of the smallest waterfalls on Okinawa Island, but it is still worth visiting. The waterfall was given the name “Seven Falls” because it is located in Kijoka, and also due to how many times the water changes its direction before reaching the pool in front of us,

From near the pool, we can only see a small portion of the waterfall as the rest of it is found high up in the forest on the hill. But with such a quiet and unknown location, this is such a pleasant place to be outside in nature.

That being said, this waterfall is a little bit more special than others nearby because this one has a more spiritual background to it.

It is located on the grounds of a holy prayer site that the locals use to stay in tune with their religion. It’s not uncommon to see people laying flowers and using this peaceful area for their worship.

If you do happen to be here at the same time as a praying local, remain respectful and be quiet so as to not disturb them.

This is only a tiny waterfall in the grand scale of things, especially considering Pinaisara Falls on Iriomote island which is the largest in the prefecture.

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The seven falls of kijoka Torii gate entrance

Opening times

Unlike some of the other waterfalls in the region (like Hiji Falls, Todorono Falls and Tataki Falls), The Seven Falls of Kijoka Waterfall does not have any opening or closing hours.

This waterfall is just off a side road and is easy to reach at any time of data. The falls can be accessed day or night although they are located near 3 residential homes so it’s not advisable to visit too late.

Safety Tips

Drive slowly
The road up to the Torii Gate is a narrow road with ditches on either side. Drive slowly so you don’t risk damaging the car or rolling into the ditches.

Be careful at night
The falls are open 24 hours a day with no restrictions, but the highly venomous Habu snake comes out at night. There are also no lights in the area so please be careful.

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the narrow walkway to the seven falls of kijoka

The Seven Falls of Kijoka: What to Expect

Located off of a narrow side road in the Kijoka region of the main Okinawan Island, The site of the Seven Falls of Kijoka is a spiritual one.

The grounds are used as a prayer site for Japanese locals and it is home to a special shrine. The entrance to the prayer site is through the traditional Torii Gate and then ahead of you to your right, you’ll see a small roofed shelter which is often used for visitors that want to pray.

If you instead stay to the left of the path you will only need to walk for about 2 minutes before reaching the waterfall. It is so close to the parking area that you don’t need to put in much effort to reach these falls compared to those that require a 20-minute hike.

You will notice a small stream leading away from the waterfall which is tiny and no way near as impressive as other streams in the area. It is much larger during the rainy season however so that could be a better time to visit – although the humidity levels would be significantly higher.

The falls and a sign written in Japanese

How to get to the Seven Falls of Kijoka Waterfall

Location: Seven Falls of Kijoka, 2234 Kijoka, Ōgimi, Kunigami District, Okinawa 905-1303, Japan

Arriving by car

The most convenient way to reach the waterfall on your own schedule is by driving. If you’re staying on the island for an extended period of time you might have your own vehicle to use. If you’re just a short-term visitor or tourist then it might be worth renting a car.

Take a look at the company below to see what offers you can find. I have used this same company myself during my time in Okinawa and South Korea.

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Arriving by Public Transport

If you cannot get a rental car or are unable to drive, you have the option to take public transportation. The closest big city is Nago. If you were to get a bus from here, this is the route you would need to take to reach the Seven Falls of Kijoka:

  • In Nago, get the #67 bus towards Onishi from the Hokubu Godo Chosha Mae bus stop
  • Stay on the bus for 40 minutes (44 stops)
  • Get off the bus at Daini Kijoka bus stop
  • Walk 10 minutes to the entrance to the Seven Falls of Kijoka

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