Jeongbang Waterfall on Jeju Island: What can you expect?

Me wearing white clothes standing in front of the Jeongbang waterfall in Seogwipo, Jeju

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The Jeongbang Falls are one of the main natural attractions people come to Jeju Island to see. It’s a cascading waterfall that towers above us and is located where the river meets the sea in the Seogwipo area.

They stand at 23 m (75.4 ft) high and are located on the edge of a small cliff in the south. During the rainy season (July and August), the falls can significantly increase their size to a width of up to 8 m.

When you think about all the natural sites to be seen across Korea’s only tropical island of Jeju, Jeongbang Waterfall is definitely up there at the top of the list. This is one of multiple waterfalls within a short distance that definitely deserves recognition.

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Country:South Korea (Republic of Korea)
Currency:South Korean Won / KRW
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Signs at the top of the entrance stairwell to the Jeongbang waterfall in Jeju

Jeongbang Waterfall Cost & Opening Times

You can visit the Jeongbang Waterfall on Jeju Island between 9 am and 5.40 pm 7 days a week. There is a slight difference in the opening times between the summer and winter seasons, but only by about 1 hour. I’d recommend checking the official website before you visit just to be safe.

Luckily, you do not need to buy tickets in advance. You can purchase tickets at the entrance to the waterfall park on the day. Make sure to hold on to your ticket as you will need to

Ticket TypeTicket Cost
Adult2,000 won / £1.20
Adult Group1,600 won / £0.96p
Children 1,000 won / £0.60p
Children Group600 won / £0.36p

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Sign pointing in the direction of the local waterfall

What to Expect: the Jeongbang Falls in Jeju

The Entrance

You will first enter a large car park which is right next to the entrance. This car park is huge and has more than enough space for a large number of visitors at any one time. Unlike many other tourist attractions, you don’t need to worry about getting there at a particular time just to guarantee a parking space.

Before you can enter the park to see the Jeongbang waterfall, you will need to purchase your ticket at the entrance. Once purchased, you will be given a paper ticket that looks like a receipt – KEEP IT SAFE! You will need to show this ticket in a few minutes at the entrance stairway into the park. Don’t do what my friend did and crumple it up assuming it was just a receipt that she didn’t need anymore.

Park staff will collect your tickets when you descend the first staircase. It is just a small window to your right-hand side with a ticket agent inside. If you try to walk past it, they will flag you down.

Staircase over the rocky beach near a large waterfall

The Staircases

In total, there are 130 stairs to climb down from the entrance to the waterfall itself. Some of these steps are steep and during bad weather, it can become extremely slippery. As you descend the wooden staircases you’ll come to 2 or 3 small viewpoints that overlook the small bay beneath you.

It’s also here that you’ll get the first glimpse of the stunning Jeonbang Waterfall you travelled to Jeju to see.

small stone paved path with trees on either side

The Forest trail

OK, so this isn’t much of a trail as you’d get during an actual hike. But it’s a short walk on a paved path between the staircases and the base of the waterfall. This area can get extremely slippery (I nearly fell over on two occasions) so please take extra caution when walking through here.

You’ll see a few different signs along the short path which will start to introduce you to the falls as well as warn you about a few of the risks in the area (we will come back to those later in the post).

If you are interested in hiking, Check out some of these popular trails in Korea:

Me standing in front of the Jeongbang waterfall on Jeju Island

The Jeongbang Waterfall in Jeju

Once you have finished the short walk from the stairs through the forest path, you will see a clearing onto a large pile of rocks. Hundreds of boulders and stones fill the space between you and the ocean.

To your right, you’ll see the huge Jeongbang Falls falling into a pool of water and likely you’ll see a lot of tourists trying to snap the perfect photograph. They’ll be climbing across the rocks and trying to avoid each other’s cameras while setting up their own tripods.

There are no boardwalks and there is no flat ground for you to walk on to get close to the waterfall. This means your only option is to climb across some of the large rocks. If you do this, I would recommend wearing appropriate footwear as flip-flops might not be too suitable. If you are close to the rocks you will likely be splashed too so make sure you’re prepared to get wet!

A stoney beach and rocky cliffs with a waterfall poking through the trees - Jeongbang waterfall on Jeju Island

How to get to the Jeongbang Waterfall in Jeju

Location: 278 Donghong-dong Seogwipo-si Jeju-do ( 제주 서귀포시 칠십리로214번길 37 )

There are only two ways to get to Jeju Island and that is either to fly or take the ferry. Since the ferry to Jeju takes 12 hours from Busan, the majority of visitors to the island choose to fly.

From Jeju City Airport (CJU) which is located in the north of the island, you would need to travel to the south side of Jeju to reach the waterfall. There are two ways you can get there: Drive yourself or take the bus.


Travelling by bus will take you up to 2 hours to get there.

  • Take the 182 Express Bus from stop 제주국제공항5 (평화로,800번 ) near Jeju Airport for 10 stops which will take roughly 1 hour and 9 minutes.
  • Get off at stop 제주월드컵경기장서귀포버스터이널(낭)
  • Take the 600 Bus from the Jeju World Cup Stadium bus stop for 3 stops which will take 15 minutes.
  • Get off at the Seobok Exhibit Hall stop
  • You will then only have a 6-minute walk to reach the waterfall


When travelling by public transport you should take your T Money card with you and make sure it is topped up.

The quickest and easiest way to get around Jeju Island is by driving so if you are able to, I would highly recommend getting a rental car during your trip. There are a few options for renting cars on the island but one of my go-to companies is Rentals Cars. You can rent a car through them here.

Driving from Jeju City Airport will take you around 1 hour to reach the falls.

A sign in 4 languages warning about risks and cautions at a waterfall park in Jeju
Warning signs about the risks near the waterfall

Things to be cautious of near Jeongbang Falls

You will need to take care when travelling through the Jeongbang Falls Park in Jeju because much of the area can become slippery. The surface of the wooden staircases can be very dangerous during rainfall and the waterfall itself can splash quite a far distance.

There are no rules about climbing over the rocks but if you should choose to, you need to be careful.

The sea and the tide can also be dangerous if you go to the falls at the wrong time. During high tide, many of the rocks can be hidden by the water which can make it much harder to walk over them. This could result in injury so again, make sure you use caution in the area at all times.

a close up image looking up at Jeongbang Waterfall on Jeju Island
A close up of the falls on a sunny day

Where to stay near Jeongbang Falls on Jeju Island

Since Jeongbang Falls is located in Seogwipo in the south of Jeju Island, this is the best city to arrange accommodation in when planning a trip. I often travel solo so I tend to stay in hostels where I can meet other solo travellers easily. To do this, I usually book accommodation through HostelWorld.

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Have you been to the Jeongbang Waterfall? What did you think?

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