Cherry blossoms in Busan: The best places to see them

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It’s cherry blossoms season and if you’re in Busan you’ll have lots of chances to spot these pretty coloured flowers in the trees. They’re easily my favourite part of spring! Knowing I will be living in Korea for an entire year, I of course wanted to make the most of the Spring season.

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As the trees are only visible for a short time (between 1-2 weeks max per year), it’s worth knowing in advance where you’re likely to see them.

That’s what I’m here for. I took the time to find the cherry blossoms around this amazing city so that you are better prepared to find them and make the most of the spring season here.

Below I have listed some of the best places to photograph and enjoy the pastel cherry blossoms in Busan including the addresses for easy navigation! Don’t forget to download Naver Maps or Kakao Maps as these Korean apps will make your trip to Korea much more efficient.

If hoping to travel to more than one of these places, don’t forget to get and top up your T-Money card. Or if you’d rather drive, you can rent a car instead.

Country:South Korea (Republic of Korea)
Currency:South Korean Won / KRW
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Don’t feel comfortable chasing cherry blossoms on your own? Why not join a tour that will take you to a few different spots guaranteed to have the pink trees in bloom?

Oncheongjang Station

Location: Oncheonjang Station Busan Line1 ( 부산광역시 동래구 중앙대로 1520 )

If you head down to Oncheongjang station, you’ll see many pink trees lining the busy streets outside. This is one of the prime locations to spot the cherry blossoms right here in Busan. It’s easily accessible as it’s a regular driving street but it’s also right on the doorstep of the metro station.

From here you can either walk under the tunnel of pink trees next to the bustling road or head down onto the river and enjoy nature a little more.

Dongsam (riverside trail)

Location: Busan Yeongdo-gu Dongsam-dong 1126-9 ( 영도구 동삼동 1126-9 )

This has to be my favourite place to see the cherry blossoms in all of Busan. A slightly less popular place, but all the more beautiful! Tucked away on Yeongdo Island, this is a destination that hasn’t received large crowds yet, luckily.

Both sides of the river are lined with countless pink trees and the greenway is extremely well-maintained. With the large skyscrapers cascading over the river below and multiple cute wooden bridges, this is the ideal spot to update your spring Instagram feed.


Location: Namcheon-dong Cherry Blossom Street ( 부산 수영구 남천동 )

Just a few minutes walk from Gwangalli beach you’ll find a stunning road lined on both sides with pink trees. Known as “the cherry blossom street” of Busan, it’s clear to see why it’s so popular.

With a park at one end, and the trees creating a tunnel on both sides of the pavement, you’ll see many people taking the chance to photograph this short-lived phenomenon. Even just driving down this road you’ll get to enjoy the picture-perfect spring scene in the heart of the city.

pink trees by the riverside trail near dongnae station

Along the river near Dongnae station

Location: Oncheoncheon Stream ( 부산 연제구 거제동 )

The main river that runs from the north of the city down to Gwangalli Beach has been converted into a greenway. It has a long walking and cycling trail available for public use and has a lot of our favourite trees along the way.

This is one of the most accessible areas for viewing cherry blossoms in Busan since multiple metro stations exit right above the trail. Not only is this a great way to see multiple parts of the city at once but you’ll appreciate the gradually changing landscape along the route while admiring the pink flowers. Some of the best sports along the river are near:

cherry blossoms by kyungsung university campus

Kyungsung Univerity Campus

Location: Kyungsung University ( 부산 남구 수영로 309 )

If you were not already aware, universities across the country love to showcase cherry blossoms each spring. It’s usually a safe bet to head to the local campuses when on the hunt for these pink and white blossoms.

In Busan, this is no different and Kyngsung University is a great place to find the pink trees scattered all around the educational institute’s grounds. Rather than all being located in one small area, you’ll find them all over the campus which can make a fun day out if you’re trying to find them all.

APEC Naru Park

Location: APEC Naru Park ( 부산 해운대구 수영강변대로 85 )

This addition to our list of places to see cherry blossoms in Busan is a little different. Cherry blossoms are great in the daytime but what about at night? At the APEC Naru Park near Centum City, you’ll see the boardwalk and trees lit up at night which give off an even more magical feel.

You can walk around the area and enjoy the blossoms in full bloom at whatever time of day and you’ll be pleased you did. You can stroll along the riverside park here or stop by the large popular shopping mall. Either way, you’ll have to walk through the cherry blossom-covered street to get there!

Don’t forget to enjoy spring in Korea

Cherry blossoms are the most well-known spring flower in East Asia that draw crowds to the region every year. So it’s no surprise you’ll want to know all the best places to find them before they hide away for a year again.

Other than pink trees and bright flowers coming into bloom, there are other reasons to enjoy springtime in Korea such as the weather being the perfect temperature to go hiking and enjoy being outside. That is before it gets too hot. Check out these hikes in Busan and beyond to have a reason to be outside:

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