Furuzamami Beach: Okinawa’s Stunning 2-Star Michelin Grade Beach

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If you’ve ever seen a stunning beach, Furuzamami Beach in Okinawa is certainly up there with the top contenders. With white sand that stretches for over 800 metres, this is the perfect destination to catch some ray’s in the south of Japan.

And of course, the unmissable crystal clear “Kerama-blue” water that entices you to go for a swim. Not to mention the bright coral reefs and tropical sealife in multiple swimming areas. It’s got everything the perfect beach should have.

And what’s even better, is this beach is actually not very busy. When you compare it to the populous Aharen Beach on neighbouring Tokashiki Island, you will rarely see large crowds here. This might be the main reason I love Furuzamami because although I’m a tourist, I hate being surrounded by other tourists!

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Michelin Green Guide: A 2-Star Award

Now, you might be wondering what makes this white sandy beach with the Keramam blue water so special considering almost every other beach in the Keramas Island Group has water of the same colour. Well, let me tell you.

This breathtaking beach was awarded two stars from the Michelin Green Guide.

What is that you ask? Well, it’s part of the “Japanese Green Awards” and in simple terms, it’s the equivalent of a Michelin Star that would be given to a restaurant but instead is for a beach.

How many Michelin star beaches have you been to so far?

A view of Furuzamami Beach from the top of the hill on Zamami Island

How to Get To Furuzamami Beach in Okinawa

Location: 1743 Zamami, Shimajiri District, Okinawa 901-3402, Japan

How To Get To Zamami Island

If you want to travel around the Keramas Islands you can check out this post.

If you’re travelling from Okinawa Island (the big island) then you can take a ferry from Naha’s Tomari Port. There are two ferries that will take you from Naha to the island. The journey takes 2 hours on the large, slow ferry or takes 120 minutes on the small, high-speed ferry.

You can book a ferry from Naha here.

If you are instead travelling from Tokashiki Island (the largest island in the Keramas Island group) then you can take a small boat from Aharen Beach instead. You unfortunately cannot book this boat online so must call this number: 098-987-2614. It’s advisable to book at least one day in advance!

Already on Zamami Island

If you are already on Zamami Island, Okinawa near Zamami Port, you can reach Furuzamami Beach in a number of ways.

If you choose to walk, it can take roughly 30 minutes to do so. The entire journey is uphill which can be very difficult in the summer months when it is extremely hot and humid. Once you reach the highest point of the hill, you are just a short 5 minute walk from the beach and this is the only part of the trail which is downhill.

If you’d rather not walk the whole way, you have the option to take a bus. This bus is a sightseeing bus that covers the 3 main points across the island: Furuzamami Beach, Zamami Port and Ama Beach. You can take a ride on the sightseeing bus for 300 JPY (£1.65/$2) as an adult or 150 JPY (£0.82/$1) as a child. You can check the schedule for the sightseeing bus here.

Note: Depending on where you are staying, you may be able to rent a bicycle from a local guesthouse.

If you rent a bicycle, don’t forget that it will be a steep incline to the top of the hill on the way. That does mean the way back will be easy though!

If you’re accident prone like me (I was run over by a cyclist on Zamami Island) you should consider getting a suitable travel insurance plan before you start your adventures. That way, if you get sick or injured you have peace of mind that you’ll be covered. Safety Wing are a company I like to use and they even allow policies for those who have already left their home country.

Where To Stay On Zamami Island?

Depending on your travel style or budget there are a few different options available to you.

If you’re a group of backpackers or a solo traveller on a very tight budget, there is only one hostel on the entire island so you would likely stay there.

The hostel is named Zamamia International Guesthouse and not only do they offer low-cost rooms, but they also offer tours and have rental equipment available (snorkels, fins and bicycles).

If you have a bigger budget to spend, you’ll have more accommodations to choose from. Take a look at Booking.com below to see what properties suit your travel style or your budget.

Please note: Due to the small population, and handful of properties, places book up quickly so it’s always worth trying to book in advance.

Some properties on the island will only accept cash for their property bookings so make sure that you have a sufficient amount during your time on the island. If you have high international fees on your bank card from home, consider getting one from Wise.

The Wise account acts like an international bank account with multiple currencies, making it easier (and cheaper) to switch between the currencies you need.

A sea turtle came close to me while swimming at Ama Beach!

Other Popular Beaches On Zamami Island?

Furuzamami is the longest and most famous beach on the island without a doubt. Not to mention, we already know the awards and recognition the beach has received. But are there any other beaches on Zamami that you should check out?

If you’re looking for sea turtles, head to Ama Beach. This is one of the 3 best beaches in the Keramas Islands to enjoy swimming with these beautiful animals.

If you want to enjoy the beach without other people around, then Shuri Beach is your best bet. That’s because although this beach is really close to one end of Furuzamami Beach, it isn’t marked on any map apps which means only the locals know about it! Plus, it’s often overshadowed by the famous Furuzamami.

Not only staying on Zamami and want to check out some other highly rated beaches in the Keramas? Check these out:

Have you been to Furuzamami Beach yet? Did you think it was worth all the hype?

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