Themed cafes Busan: Checking out some of the best

teddy bear shaped cake on a fork in front of someones face at one of the popular themed cafes in Busan

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If you didn’t know already, Korea has a lot of cafes. So, naturally, when I lived in Busan I simply had to try and find as many themed cafes as I could.

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I’ll be honest, I had no idea Korea had such a huge cafe culture until I arrived and actually, I love it. In all my years of travelling and exploring the world, I have never spent so much time eating desserts as I have in Korea.

But these are not your regular large-chain brands like Starbucks or Costa Coffee. Instead, they are themed cafes across the city of Busan all focusing on a different design. All-in-all there is a wide range of cafes all with a unique interior just waiting for you to explore, but I’ll make it easier for you and give you a list of my favourites below.

Country:South Korea (Republic of Korea)
Currency:South Korean Won / KRW
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teddy bear shaped macarons at a one of our favourite themed cafes in Busan

Yamuyamu (Teddy themed cafe)

Location: 62 Guyeonbanggok-ro, Jeonggwan-myeon, Gijang-gun, Busan ( 부산 부산진구 전포대로255번길 22 )

This adorable cafe near Seomyeon has an adorable theme. Teddy bears are the inspiration for all of the food here and everything is sweet!

They have 12 flavours of macarons all shaped into something cute. Plus they have teddy-shaped toast, brownies and cakes for you to enjoy which taste just as good as they look.

If you’d like to enjoy the theme at home, there are cups and small kitchenware available for purchase. Plan a visit as I know you’ll be happy to add this to your list of themed cafes in Busan!

Check it out on tiktok.

the plate of desserts and macarons at a teddy cafe in Korea

Want some more content for your trip to Busan?

2d black and white themed cafes in Busan

Butter Vill (W K drama – 2D cafe)

Location:  33 Jeonpo-daero 176beon-gil, Busanjin-gu, Busan ( 부산 부산진구 전포대로176번길 33 지상1-2층 )

If you enjoy comic strips and cartoons then this is the place for you. This themed cafe in Busan is painted all in black and white to give the illusion of everything being a comic book. The decor is so simple, yet the way they have done it is effective to make the whole place look like a drawing.

You also might recognise the design of the cafe from the 2016 TV K drama – “W” (also known as Two Worlds). This K Drama named W is the inspiration for the entire cafe as it makes you feel like you too, are inside the “Two worlds” universe. When you visit this cafe you can certainly feel like you’re inside the TV filming locations – even though it’s just a cafe set up to look like them.

Not to mention, the dessert and brunch dishes are to die for. They’re really generous portions of everything sweet you could imagine.

airport lounge themed cafes in busan complete with airport signs, luggage and a boarding pass

Gate 33 (Airport lounge cafe)

Location: 20 Seojeon-ro 37beon-gil, Busanjin-gu, Busan ( 부산 부산진구 서전로37번길 20 A 마동 2층 )

This is an interesting take on a theme as it replicates an airport departure lounge. Now, I love to travel as much as the next person so I simply love this idea! It’s a small cafe with enough space for up to 20 people at a time. During peak hours you may need to write your name outside and be contacted when a space opens up.

There are large signs on the walls showing directions for the departure and arrival gates. Each table has 2 seats and is just about as comfortable as you’d expect an airport seat to be.

Every drinks order comes with a boarding pass for each person (Busan, Korea to London, England) and you can even print out a sticker with your name on it to make your boarding pass a little bit more “realistic”. The drinks are presented perfectly for a fun photo opportunity!

two drinks of a blue lunch tray with empty boarding pass

disney themed cafes in Busan with mickey mouse shaped food

Butter Reop (Disney & snoopy theme)

Location: 62 Guyeonbanggok-ro, Jeonggwan-myeon, Gijang-gun, Busan ( 부산 부산진구 서전로37번길 20 )

This addition to our list of themed cafes in Busan isn’t necessarily as decorated as much as others, but they do have a few items to choose from. Their Mickey Mouse dessert is one of the fan’s favourites on the menu, along with their Bambi frozen cream and coffee. However, if Snoopy is more your scene than Disney, you can order almost any cold drink and receive a small Peanuts character with it.

The cafe plays Disney movies on repeat on a projector screen along the back wall and the cafe is lightly decorated with pastel paints. **This cafe has much less decoration involved in its theme compared to some others**

front entrance of the chocolate house cafe

Gana Chocolate House (Chocolate)

Location: Gana Chocolate House ( 부산 부산진구 전포대로 190 )

If you’ve been in Korea for a while you might already be familiar with the popular chocolate brand Gana. Well, there is an entire cafe dedicated to it! The inside decor perfectly suits the theme and an entire wall looks like it has been built using chocolate bars as bricks. The interior looks like a sophisticated speakeasy with a small cafe counter offering a range of desserts.

They offer a variety of chocolate-flavoured drinks and desserts and each one is as good as the last. Will you choose the hot chocolate, mint-chocolate milkshake or something else at this chocolate-themed cafe in Busan?

our tray of desserts and drinks at the chocolate themed cafes in Busan

rainbow cake at the BTS themed magnate cafes in Busan

Magnate (BTS)

Location: 135 Jinnam-ro, Nam-gu, Busan ( 부산 남구 진남로 135 B동 1층 )

This addition is a little different as it isn’t a theme exactly, but instead, a family showcasing merchandise relating to their son’s band.

Jimin (from the famous BTS) has memorabilia scattered around this large cafe because his parents are the owners. With an open plan layout in a loft-style design, you can get a range of treats including rainbow cake, cheesecake or variations of tarts.

Don’t forget to check out the large wall of the band’s hats and awards on the wall if you’re doing a BTS location tour.

Check my tiktok of the visit here.

the sign for the magnate cafe entrance and also a shelf with different bts merchandise

We.Pa.Tea (Wii Party Busan Main Branch)

Location: Wi Party Busan Main Branch ( 부산 부산진구 냉정로 166-1 )

If you like teddy bear-shaped anything, then you’ll love this place. Added to our list of themed cafes in Busan is the “We. Pa.Tea” venue that sells various cakes and breads with teddy bear faces on. They have drinks available for purchase as well as bear-shaped bottles of tea. Not only that, but they also have merchandise so you too can go home with candles, bags or stationery that fits in with the theme.

The outside of the venue is also Instagram-worthy along with the white interior. There is a vintage-style photo booth for visitors to enjoy and comfy couches too. You could easily spend a whole afternoon trying the different desserts here!

Final thoughts on our list of themed cafes in Busan

There are always new themed cafes being opened in the city of Busan, so I’ll treat this page a little differently by updating and adding new ones that come along.

Have you been to any of these cafes? Do you have a favourite that I might have missed?

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