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short travel quotes

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What is it with everyone looking for short travel quotes recently? Whether people search for quotes for inspiration to get up and start their own journey; or whether it’s to send to a friend to encourage them.

These days in the social network era, there are quotes about everything:

Travel. Eating. Dating. Self-love.

In a way that’s good because people are searching for quotes to give them the inspirational boost they probably need. Quotes normally only get created as a way to show how something made you feel, and the chance of someone making a negative quote is much, much lower than someone making a positive quote.

I know that when I first started wanting to travel the world, many people around me told me “You shouldn’t” “It’s not safe” & “why do you want to leave home?”.

That’s when I started to look at other people’s reasons for travelling, the good, the bad and the ugly. Then of course amongst those stories were .. short travel quotes.

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Why do people like motivational short travel quotes?

“Humans are primal”. This could be one of the main reasons that people love quotes and words of inspiration. There have been countless tests and research projects that have concluded that words of encouragement are much more effective in progress than criticism – even the constructive kind. This is why so many people like reading positive and motivational quotes about things they enjoy or are hoping to enjoy in the future.

It goes deeper than you might think. Motivational phrases can actually help to rewire a person’s brain to think more positively.

Social Media has increased the need for short quotes

Everyone knows somebody that uses Facebook, Instagram or TikTok. The general cycle happens where a photo is taken, it is then uploaded to their feed, and they will want a creative phrase to match that picture-perfect post.

It’s a gradual process that grew as social networks gained popularity and everyone wanted to show off how exciting their own life is. This is great and I’m so pleased to see people out here living their best lives, but it’s getting harder to pick an appropriate phrase to match each photo!

a table setting that says "travel is good for the soul"
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I have scoured the internet and some ebooks to find some of my favourite short quotes that encompass people’s love for travel. Let’s check them out below!

#1 Life is short & the world is wide

#2 The world is too big to tell just one story

#3 I have a crazy calling to be where I’m not

#4 And I think to myself, what a wonderful world

#5 Live while you’re alive

#6 Wandering can heal you spiritually

#7 Travel is only as difficult as you make it

#8 Travel shows us to appreciate more

#9 Has anyone regretted travelling?

#10 You’re not a tree, you have the ability to leave home

view out of a plane window with clouds plus short travel quote written over the top

#11 Jet Lag is for amateurs

#12 A passport is your ticket to exploration

#13 Catching flights, not feelings

#14 The only aisle I want to walk down is the plane aisle

#15 Don’t live the same year for 80 years and call that a life

#16 Not all those who wander are lost

#17 Life is short, book the trip

#18 Bored? Travel. Sad? Travel. Happy? Travel

#19 If you never go, you’ll never know

#20 Never lose your sense of wonder

Why do we love inspirational quotes? They affirm what we think a topic will be like and enjoy the positivity behind it being true.

& ..more short travel quotes!

sunset pink and blue sky with short travel quote written over the top

#21 Travelling is cheaper than a therapist

#22 Travel is my creative outlet

#23 If not now, then when?

#24 We have nothing to lose & a whole world to see

#25 Time is precious waste it wisely

#26 My goal is to run out of pages in my passport

#27 Travel with no regrets

#28 Live for the moments you can’t put into words

#29 Wherever you go, be present

#30 I haven’t been everywhere but it’s on my list

drone view of the ocean and beach with short travel quote over the top

#31 When you love to explore, you find beauty everywhere

#32 The world is filled with endless beauty to explore

#33 When you travel, everything is a new experience

#34 To travel when feeling lost, you’ll start to feel complete

#35 Travel is my sport

#36 Do I have an addiction? I don’t want to stop travelling

#37 I will never be finished exploring this earth

#38 Nothing beats stepping into a new world

#39 Everywhere I go, I leave a bit of my heart

#40 I’d rather be travelling

Be Inspired

The entire goal of my blog is to encourage people to take that leap and travel themselves. In my opinion, travelling shouldn’t be a luxury but a right. No one else can make it happen, you need to take the plunge yourself.

I hope these quotes have given you the boost in inspiration to book that trip! Go on, I know you want to.

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