Betting On The Chicken Drop (chicken Poop bingo Game)

Chicken poop bingo board game in Belize

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The chicken (poop) drop is a world-famous event from San Pedro, Belize and it’s an interesting spin on a traditional bingo board game. Once a week, a local bar opens up their beachfront property to the public to come and enjoy this quirky game that has become a local sensation.

It’s a game that has been gaining attention from the 80s when somebody had the genius idea to make an island appropriate game of bingo, but instead of the standard number selection, the chickens choose the numbers. Like a poultry lottery if you will.

Over the years, this event has moved location once or twice and there even seems to be a second location offering this popular game once a week so although there is now some friendly competition, they’re on differetn nights so you can attend both instead of choosing one over the other.

Currently played at the Wahoo Lounge, you can easily reach the

So let’s see what all the hype is about with this fun little game of chicken poop bingo at the weekly chicken drop.

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Sign outside the Wahoo Lounge for the weekly chicken poop bingo board game - San Pedro
The sign outside the venue advertising the chicken drop bingo game

What is Chicken Drop Bingo?

Chicken Drop or chicken poop bingo, is a life-sized board game played in Belize on the island of Ambergris Caye. It’s a game played by the island locals and the many visitors who want to enjoy something a little different.

Unlike most board games you might be familiar with, this game includes a live chicken (or 3) and a large floor-painted bingo board.

As ridiculous as the game might sound, it is surprisingly thrilling to see if you purchased tickets with the lucky numbers for the event. Plus, coming from a huge city like London where a game like this would never be played, its fascinating to see what an exciting night out on a small island looks like.

It’s certainly not something to be played week on week by those who stay on the island longterm. Instead, it’s a novelty that is perfect for introducing the island life to new visitors and tourists. It’s a game thats been world-famous from Belize for many years and it’s still a hugely popular event that people want to experience at least once when they reach the island.

Where Is The Chicken Poop Bingo Game Played?

Location of the Lounge

You can join in the fun at the Wahoo Lounge every Thursday from 6 pm until 10 pm. The restaurant is located just south of San Pedro’s Central park.

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This is extremely helpful when the wifi connections in the area drop out which happens quite often on the island.

The chicken drop bingo game in San Pedro
One of the chickens on the bingo board

Rules of Chicken Poop Bingo

There are 2-3 chickens used to play throughout the evening. One chicken per poop bingo drop if you will. Typically the games take place between 6 pm – 10 pm one day a week.

There is a bingo card painted onto the ground on a 10 x 10 grid, and numbers from 1 – 100 in no particular order. So you might have 83, 10, 6 and 27 in one row instead of the standard 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc. There is a small fence around the board so the chickens cannot escape during the game.

The chicken will be placed inside the fence on the board along with chicken feed sprinkled across the lifesize bingo card. Throughout the game, the chicken will eat the feed and inevitably drop poop in different places across the bingo board.

Each ticket represents a number on the board from 1 – 100. If the chicken poops on your number then you win the prize! It’s really that simple. Sometimes you might purchase multiple tickets if the chicken sees fit.

Some games end quicker than others depending on how quickly the chicken poops. Definitely not the most glamorous game to play but here we are.

No chickens are harmed in the making of this game. They are well cared for and only get brought out for a short played game before going back to what chickens do best.

What to Expect At the Chicken Drop

Before the game starts, the chicken security (yes they even have tshirts labelled this way) bring out the chickens and start to introduce the game while the crowd gathers.

They also have this unusual tradition where they will slowly spin the chicken around 3 times before someone (sometimes a random guest, and sometimes the bar staff) will blow into the chicken’s butt in order to grant good luck for the game.

Not sure I’d be too eager to take part in this part of the tradition, but the crowd seems to love it!

Once the tickets are sold and the game begins, it’s just a matter of time before the lucky number on the board has been chosen to be the poop bingo winner by the chicken. Unfortunately my three friends and I were not successful in winning the prize pot on any of the games we took part in.

As well as gathering on the beach to play this fascinating little game, you can epect to hear some music being played all night by the resident DJ that regularly plays at the venue. It keeps a fun atmosphere throughout the evening and prevents the vibe from going flat in between each of the drops.

Also, since the chicken drop takes place in a beach front bar, you can also buy drinks throughout the event. It’s a great way to socialise during the unusual board game.

tickets for the Chicken Drop in Belize
Me holding a few tickets

How Much Does It Cost To Play?

Back when it first started it cost less than it does today, but there have been a lot of changes to the atmosphere surrounding the games since then.

You can purchase individual tickets for $2BZD or you can purchase them in groups of 3 or 5 depending on how many chances you’d like to try and win.

Considering you could win the entire pot (0ver $100BZD) if your number comes in, its a pretty low buy-in per game.

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There are multiple chicken bingo rounds played in one night and each “drop” has different coloured tickets. The event I played had blue tickets, the next drop had green for example. You can certainly take part in multiple drops throughout the night and increase your chances of winning one of the money pots!

Sometimes they’ll do bigger events that cost more to enter, but these are usually the games that also offer a much bigger prize at the end. Sometimes offering $1000BZD (£404 GBP / $496 USD).

Just give your money to the bar tender on shift and they will give you the correct number of tickets ready for the game. They normally don’t start the drop until all tickets are sold, but since there is only 100 to be sold per drop and most people buy multiple tickets, the wait isn’t too long.

Final Thoughts on The Chicken Poop Bingo Boardgame

The chicken drop is a fun way to kill a few hours during your island experience on Ambergris Caye. It’s certainly something you should take part in at least once to say you’ve done so. It’s quirky, unlike any game you’ll find back in London, and it allows you to immerse yourself into the laidback, yet exciting world of island living in San Pedro.

Have you played the Chicken drop yet? Did you win?

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