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Best 10 things to do outside in Mui Ne

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So, you’re looking for fun things to do in Mui Ne? First, let me give you an insight into this wonderful destination.

Located in Phan Thiet, in the southeast of Vietnam is a small town and fishing village with a population of just 25,000 residents. This destination has a unique landscape that stands out from the rest of Vietnam’s scenery which makes it a great addition to any Vietnamese itinerary.

This region spans 50km of coastline and over time has become a popular tourist destination for visitors to the country. The peak tourist season here is between December and April so if you visit during this time you will likely see many other tourists.

Mui Ne is such a hidden gem in the overall beauty of Vietnam and although only small, it makes a big impression on those who stop by and get a glimpse at the stunning landscape.

Currency:Vietnamese Dong / VND
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small boat on the coast of mui ne, phan thiet vietnam
A Phan Thiet beach

Hit the beach

Since Mui Ne is a coastal destination, you’re spoiled for choice with beaches to choose from. Being located on the southern coast of Vietnam, you’ll find some of the country’s most beautiful beaches that are a great contrast to the sand dunes that make this region famous.

Luckily for visitors, most of the beaches in this region have fine sand (unlike so many of our rocky beaches in the UK) and the water is mostly clear. You’ll be able to relax on the beach and make the most of the Vietnamese weather. Go on, get your swimsuit on and go for a swim!

Not sure where to start? These are some of Mui Ne’s best-rated beaches below:

Do Duong Beach, Hon Rom Beach & Bai Rang Beach

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Not a fan of walking around in the hot sun? To make things more convenient you can rent a scooter or bike here.

Take part in watersports

No visit to Mui Ne would be complete without the chance to try out some watersports. This can easily be added to our best things to do in Mui Ne list due to the available sports in the area.

You can enjoy stand-up paddle boarding and surfing on the waters surrounding Mui Ne!

The best time to catch some waves in this part of the country is during what locals call the “wind season”. This takes place between September and April each year when the winds are at their highest. Whether you’re comfortable or you are a total beginner you can book a class or equipment rental below and they’ll even show you the ropes:

these red sand dunes are one of the best things to do in mui ne, vietnam
Me standing on the red sand dunes

Visit the Red Sand Dunes

Located: 01 Hòn Rơm, ĐT716, Mũi Né, Thành phố Phan Thiết, Bình Thuận, Vietnam

This is one of the main tourist attractions in Mui Ne and they’re located close to the middle of the town so they’re easily accessible. As you can tell by the name, the sand is a red hue which replicates that of the deserts in Namibia so it’s easy to forget you’re in Vietnam.

If you’re after a bit of excitement you can do what many visitors do and enjoy some sand sledging from the top to the bottom of the dunes. For convenience, you can rent a sledge from the local stalls near the entrance to the dunes for a small cash fee. That way, you can enjoy sledging down the dunes without the stress of needing to find one since they’re right there waiting for you!

If you’re flexible on time, the red dunes are one of the best locations to see the sunset in Mui Ne so you should aim to visit about 40 minutes before sunset when you go.

If you want to join a group tour check out: Discover the beauty of Mui Ne

Shop at Mui Ne Market

The Mui Ne market is a great place to see the locals working and selling their produce. Here you’ll experience lively and busy mornings and it’s a great place to buy fresh fish, meat, fruits and vegetables that were all produced locally.

This, like the fisherman village, is a great place to see how the locals spend their time and really involve yourself in the Mui Ne culture. If you enjoy getting yourself familiar with a local experience then the morning market will do just that.

these white sand dunes with tyre tracks from jeeps are one of the top things to do in mui ne
The white sand dunes with jeep tyre tracks

Visit the White Sand Dunes

The white sand dunes are much more impressive and are the main event when visiting Mui Ne. Due to the sheer scale of the dunes, one of the best ways to enjoy them is on a jeep or ATV tour.

Located:  Hoà Thắng, Bắc Bình District, Bình Thuận, Vietnam

They are located around 22 miles from the centre of Mui Ne and are probably the most stunning feature of the area. This is definitely the more popular of the sand dunes and they receive many visitors every year. What’s great about them is there is a seating area with food and drinks available to purchase, as well as multiple activities you can do to enjoy the landscape.

These activities include sand sledging, driving the dunes on jeeps, and riding dune buggies. If you’re a bit of an adventure junkie, this could be the perfect place for you to spend some time in Southeast Asia’s only desert!

Don’t want to visit independently and want to join a group? Try: Mui Ne sand dunes tour by JEEP

Try Kite-surfing

Ok, so you now know you can go surfing in the ocean off of Mui Ne’s beaches, but what about kitesurfing? Similar to the watersports, you can also enjoy kite-surfing from September to April as this is during the Typhoon Swell season. This is when the wind levels are at their highest and they frequent the area because of the typhoons and cyclones in the distance.

If you’ve never been kite-surfing before then you are in luck because you can actually join a small group and learn the basics with a trained instructor. Before you know it you’ll be kite-surfing your troubles away and enjoying the sunshine on the beach.

Check out: Kite-surf Discovery Day and Backflip on Trampoline Adventure

a fishermans village with boats in the shallow water is a great tourist stop on an activity list of things to do in mui ne
The fisherman’s village and fishing boats out at sea

See the Fisherman’s village

The fishing village on Mui Ne’s coast is a great place to stop by on your itinerary of the town. It’s here that you will see how the locals catch their fish daily and bring to shore the contents of the morning catch. It’s along this beach that you will see the hordes of small fishing boats that cover the shallow water and really set the scene.

Back on shore, you can walk through the small tents which house the many market stalls. These stalls are where you can both taste and buy the catch of the day and have a chat with the local fisherman to help promote their business.

Location: Mũi Né, Thành phố Phan Thiết, Bình Thuận, Vietnam

Visit Linh Long Tu Temple

This ancient temple is conveniently located near the white sand dunes. It’s not as popular as some of the natural landscape attractions which means you will be less likely to see other tourists. This quietness can feel more inviting and is more appropriate for a Buddhist temple.

This temple is free to enter however they do have a donation box for visitors to use if they want and all proceeds go into keeping the temple maintained. The monks will often be seen frequenting this temple throughout the week which is just another way to immerse yourself and understand the local way of life.

Although the temple allows access to visitors inside, there are also some small gardens outside the property to enjoy. The average duration for visitors to spend here is around 1 hour and 45 minutes.

the fairy stream with red cliffs and shallow stream is another one of the things to do in mui ne
The Fairy stream

Walk the Fairy Stream (Suối Hồng)

The Fairy stream is a quiet waterway wedged in between the red sandy cliffs and a tropical forest. It’s a trail that takes you to a small waterfall, past stalactites and through the unique landscape that has brought tourists from around the world.

Since the stream is such an interesting landscape that isn’t found in many other parts of the country it’s a fantastic addition to your Mui Ne itinerary. The whole trail will probably only take you an hour to walk depending on how many times you stop for photo opportunities.

In this area you’ll see the towering red sandy cliffs, get to walk through the ankle-deep flowing streams, and be in the sun all day!

Located: 40B Huỳnh Thúc Kháng, Phường Hàm Tiến, Thành phố Phan Thiết, Bình Thuận, Vietnam

Go sailing

So we are not quite done with our water-related recommendations on our list of things to do in Mui Ne. This is a great spot to go sailing and unlike the watersports that need a specific season to get the most out of it, sailing doesn’t have that problem! This activity can be enjoyed year-round so you can easily fit it into your travel itinerary without too much difficulty.

This sailing group you can join meets at the MANTA Sail Training Centre and has International Olympic standard guides who teach and show you how to sail safely while also making sure you have a good time. It is highly rated and allows you to try out this new activity while visiting this beautiful beach town in southern Vietnam.

Where to stay in Mui Ne?

To stay connected and navigate between each accommodation or activity, consider getting an eSIM with a data plan. These SIMs can be downloaded to your device and allow you to stay online even if WIFI is unavailable.

Depending on your travel budget and style, there are a few different places you could stay while visiting this small coastal town. Since I focus on hostels and budget accommodation my suggestion is to book through HostelWorld for a hostel such as Eva Hut Mui Ne Beach Hostel.

It’s conveniently located on the beach and within walking distance of a few small sights in the town.

If you are not a fan of hostels or think another form of accommodation is more your style, head over to to look at their collection of properties.

Have you been to Mui Ne yet? What was your favourite thing to do there?

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